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Why some of the best logos are simple

What are the most recognizable logos you can think of? What makes them so memorable? I’ll bet you could draw a number of famous logos from memory. If you haven’t thought about why that is, you are probably thinking about it now. It’s their simplicity. But, simplicity doesn’t translate into cheap. A logo is not […]

Hanks Design Featured in Logo Challenge

In 2017, Creative Alliance of Tacoma held a design challenge. Logo designers were challenged to redesign a logo from their design past, the older the better. The point of the challenge was to demonstrate growth and promote the talent within the Tacoma, WA area. The Logo Redesign Participate in this logo design challenge and see […]

A limited color palette helps branding

The next time you’re out shopping, reading a magazine or browsing the internet, take note of the ads, icons and logos that come your way. You may begin to realize how the use of color triggers the instant recognition of a company’s identity. Traditionally, color has been used to symbolize strength, reliability, trust, etc. But, […]

Why you need a professional graphic designer

The temptation to go to a logo design crowdsourcing website that provides instant gratification at a small cost is real. But does instant gratification satisfy the branding needs of a business in the long term? Branding & Identity Branding is more than just creating a logo. It is about creating an identity. Online logo generators […]