Why some of the best logos are simple

What are the most recognizable logos you can think of? What makes them so memorable?

I’ll bet you could draw a number of famous logos from memory. If you haven’t thought about why that is, you are probably thinking about it now. It’s their simplicity. But, simplicity doesn’t translate into cheap. A logo is not less valuable because it is simple. In fact, a simple logo can actually be more valuable than a complex one because it is more easily recognized.

Great logos remain essentially unchanged.

(Although, there are a few exceptions.) That is why it is so important to start off well. A business with a “trendy” logo type may find that logo to be outdated in a few years. The same holds true for colors. Remember when kitchens were clad in avocado and gold? Sometimes the colors in a logo make it feel dated as much as the type or the illustration. An experienced designer will be able to make type and color choices that will make your logo timeless.

Now think about your business.

What kind of impact is your business making? Does your logo work as well on a sign as on a business card or vice versa? If you were to show it to someone, would they be able to draw it out? Does your logo reflect your industry and communicate reliability? What about colors and type style? Can it be reproduced in black & white and still be recognizable and maintain its impact?

Here are a few guidelines for a great logo. It should be:

  • Recognizable: You can tell what it is at a glance.
  • Memorable: Easy to recall
  • Reproducible: Able to be printed in color as well as black and white if needed
  • Scalable: Recognizable at a distance on a sign and printed on small items
  • Simple: Easy to describe and sketch is easy to remember and understand
  • Timeless: The colors and type style are classic (unless you are intentionally promoting a “fad”)
  • Representational: It represents the industry of the business.

Some businesses and organizations need a logo that conveys more information and may be more complex. A professional designer can help determine whether or not that is the case.

I hope you found this information insightful. If you would like to discuss your business identity, I’d love to meet with you.

For more information about what this topic, check out “10 Best Logos Ever” at Creative Bloq or Simple vs Complex Logo Designs on Naldz Graphics.

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