Blog post, A limited color palette helps branding

A limited color palette helps branding

The next time you’re out shopping, reading a magazine or browsing the internet, take note of the ads, icons and logos that come your way. You may begin to realize how the use of color triggers the instant recognition of a company’s identity.

Traditionally, color has been used to symbolize strength, reliability, trust, etc. But, have you noticed that company color palettes have changed over recent years to include tones not usually associated with strong brands? T-Mobil’s hot pink, Instagram’s rainbow tones, and FedEx’s purple and orange are just a few examples.

The Impact of Color

So, how important is color? Some people assert that color does connote certain meanings. Some say it doesn’t matter all that much since individuals have varying associations with certain colors.

One thing is certain, a limited and consistent color palette is as important to branding as the logo itself. Sometimes the color of the brand will immediately clue you in to exactly what company is vying for your business before you even see the logo or hear the company’s name. Easily recognizable companies’ ads include Target, McDonald’s, HP, Subway, and the list goes on.

Whether you choose traditional colors or more modern options, your use of limited colors in your marketing and advertising will make your company more easily noticed and remembered in every subsequent use.

Be bold, professional, and consistent.

You’ll be glad you did.

For further reading, see “The Importance of Color in Branding Strategy” and “What Does Color Say About Your Brand?”

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